Cre-Oil Penetrating Oil

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Cre-Oil Penetrating Oil is an old formulation improved with current chemistry modifications that have turned this into the new Gold Standard of penetrating fluids, preferred by professionals. Cre-Oil’s low viscosity allows it to creep deep and wick into tight crevices to chemically loosen the bond caused by rust and corrosion.

Professionals cannot risk breaking off a rusted and corroded nut or bolt adding unnecessary time to an otherwise ordinary repair. Spray Cre-Oil on the area to be worked on and allow the product to creep into crevices to release rust and corrosion allowing frozen nuts and bolts to be disassembled quickly.

Formulated with more aggressive solvents, wetting agents, and a specialty oil that allows Cre-Oil to creep deep into tight crevices to break the surface tension of rust and corrosion, allowing for disassembly. Cre-Oil does not contain silicone which makes it safe to use in autobody shops.

- “Creeps Deep” into Tight Crevices
- Penetrates faster loosening the bond of rust & corrosion
- Chemically loosens

Use on: -Automotive -Farm & Agriculture
-Industrial/MRO, Fleet & Heavy Duty
-Performance -and many other categories!

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